Las Vegas

Vegas might be one of the only places on earth where the neon lights shine brighter at night than the desert sun during the day. With world-class stage shows, luxury spas and extraordinary desert landscapes, it’s no wonder the City of Lights is a favourite with party goers.

Las Vegas – over-the-top, round-the-clock, bright and glitzy… the real heart of the city is the stretch better known as the Strip. A playground for the rich and famous, the hotels have their own shopping arcades, restaurants and casinos. For a glimpse of old Vegas, head downtown for chic cocktail bars and trendy nightclubs. And when it’s time for something completely different, drive out into the desert for the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the Grand Canyon.

Although the principal draw card is still gambling, Las Vegas is now marketed as a family destination and there is no shortage of theme parks, shopping malls and golf courses. However, the vast majority of visitors come to gamble or party and the incredible displays are mostly designed to lure passers-by into the casinos, and once there it’s hard to leave; the exits are discreetly hidden.

Why not combine your visit to Las Vegas with a multi centre trip to San Francisco, the National Parks or Cancun?