The increasing popularity of long haul holidays means that…well, we had to give it its own brand. You can see why it’s so popular when you’re staring at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, walking through the temples of Bangkok or finding yourself on the Tower of Terror at Disneyland Florida. Here at Venture Travel our team has fantastic first-hand knowledge of many of the most popular long haul holidays so why not pick their brains?

As we are part of The Emirates Group we have access to leading airfares with Emirates Airlines as well as all other major long- haul airlines including Virgin Atlantic, Etihad and British Airways.

As a little snippet of advice, why not stop at multiple destinations in order to break up those long flights and get more pictures to make everyone jealous?. Venture Further specialises in flying to the UAE,  United States of America, Indian Ocean and Australia so we can offer the very best hotels and combine them with one of our long haul airlines, so don’t worry we really do have you covered!