VentureLuxe is designed to create your perfect holiday. This exquisite range has no limits, whether it be the finest 5* accommodation, or a private jet to your destination – we can arrange this for you. It’s true what they say, luxury does come at a cost however through VentureLuxe we offer the very best price for your luxurious taste.

Whether it be staying in a water villa in the Maldives, visiting Pig Beach in the Bahamas, or an African safari, tailor-making holidays is what we do best. We can also help you tick two or more locations off your bucket list such as visiting Dubai and The Maldives, Iceland and New York or Abu Dhabi and Bali in one trip. Although it sounds like a lot of flying, why not upgrade to business or first class? As when you’re sat drinking a glass of champagne watching your favourite movie it really does make it feel as though time is flying.

Venture Travel are part of the Emirates Group meaning we offer the leading prices on airfares and accommodation for all VentureLuxe packages. Our team have a wide range of product knowledge and experience so give them a call if you want more information.